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Painting and Waterproofing, Inc.

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Innovative is one of the largest and most technically-advanced applicators and installers of specialty protective coatings systems in the United States, with a focus on application of polyurea coatings systems. Polyurea coatings are engineered for extreme conditions, severe exposure, high traffic, water intrusion and projects that stretch beyond the capabilities of conventional or even usual industrial coatings systems.

For more conventional painting, coating and waterproofing situations Innovative offers a complete range of services, including interior and exterior painting, specialty coating application and a full range of above and below-grade water intrusion prevention systems.

We are a minority owned and managed company, fully insured and an approved applicator for most major suppliers, including Polycoat Products, BASF,Sonneborn, Innerseal, Sika, Webac, Freedom Chemical, Versaflex, SPI, Quantum Technical Services, Dow Hyperlast,and Sherwin Williams. Our employees are union trained and certified. Innovative is licensed in multiple states as a Painting and Waterproofing Contractor and is licensed as a Class A General Engineering Contractor in California.

Our management staff has over 60 years of hands on, planning and logistics experience in completing large, difficult, complex, unusual (and routine) painting and waterproofing projects. Innovative is one of very few coatings contractors that performs comprehensive photographic site surveys with physical surface testing, prepares full project specifications in-house in accordance with Construction Specifications Institute guidelines and technical requirements of The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), the International Concrete Repair Institute, National Association of Corrosion Engineers and maintains the highest professional standards through actual product application to project closeout.

We specialize in Commercial and Industrial projects.

Many of Innovative's more high-profile, unique, unusual and creative projects have been featured cover stories or project profiles in publications such as The Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings, Coatings Pro, the Journal of Architectural Coatings and the Polyurea Development Association's Podium magazine.

Our management staff have been featured speakers at trade conventions and we often provide coatings training seminars for government agencies and private corporations.

If you have a pending coatings project, a previously-unsolvable surface problem, water-intrusion issues, or need ideas/concepts for protective coatings applications or surface maintenance programs, call Innovative today for prompt professional assistance.

One of our most popular methods for alleviating water intrusion is high-pressure injection of hydrophylic urethane foam grout. Small holes are drilled into concrete near the crack or other leak, a high-pressure fitting installed, and a thin, water-reactive urethane liquid injected at high pressure, folowing the path of the crack or penetration (conduit, wall joint, pipe pentration etc.). Upon contact with water the urethane expands, fillings cracks, joints, voids, holes, gaps in pipe pentrations etc.

The expansion creates foam "bladders" or dams that block water penetration and remain flexible - they will not re-crack and leak, a problem with older epoxy injection repairs. This is a tremendous time and money-saving system for below-grade parking structures,vaults (both walls and ceilings), sumps, mechanical rooms, elevator pits and basements. This procedure is done from the "negative side", eliminating the need for exterior excavation. The short animated clip below demonstrates the grout injection process. Presented courtesy of Avanti.

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We are recognized experts in and trained/certified applicators of plural-component Polyurea Coatings Systems that reduce down-time, lower maintenance costs and simplify facility maintenance procedures.

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